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Jack and Tori have revealed what they plan to do next now MAFS Australia 2024 has finished

They’re in the pursuit of ‘fame’

With the final MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode airing tonight, what are controversial couple Tori and Jack planning on doing next? A close friend of theirs has told Yahoo Lifestyle that Tori and Jack have learned to “laugh off” any backlash and separate themselves from how they were portrayed on MAFS Australia 2024.


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They explained: “At times Jack felt like the online commentary was about someone else, like a character on a fictional TV show that has nothing to do with the man he really is. That’s how he’s separated the online trolls from his own reality.

“They aren’t denying what audiences saw on the show. It was a roller coaster ride but the producers really just kept focusing on a particular side of Jack. They both believe anybody could be edited into a villain after taking part in Australia’s most-watched reality show.

“Tori and Jack aren’t bitter either. They are happy in their truth and feel super grateful they’ve found each other. They would never do something like MAFS again but are thrilled with what they came away with.”


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Another insider revealed that despite what’s been reported, Jack and Tori have “turned their backs on media opportunities to find happiness in the real world.” They added: “They don’t need the parties and the exclusive events. The participants most interested in pushing their 15 minutes of fame are the ones who are grieving for the fact they didn’t find love. They are looking to find fame from their MAFS experience as a consolation prize. Jack and Tori bonded through the scrutiny but while their relationship could have fizzed, it actually thrived once taken into the real world.”

In that case, I’ll expect to see absolutely no brand partnerships or sponsored posts on either of their Instagram accounts…

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