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Sara slams MAFS Australia 2024 producers for being ‘sexist’ and depicting brides as ‘crazy’

‘They want to portray women as crazy and dramatic’

Sara has slammed MAFS Australia 2024 producers for being “sexist” and deliberately depicting female cast members on the show as being “crazy” and “dramatic.”

In an interview during episode 380 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Sara revealed: “The producers are really sexist and try to make the girls show big emotions and then label them as dramatic. But when a guy is showing big emotions they don’t show that. They want to portray women as crazy and dramatic.”

And as for the aftercare MAFS Australia 2024 cast members receive from the producers, according to Sara all they get is one email asking them “if they’re good.” Yikes.

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This isn’t the first time the show has been under fire for the level of aftercare participants receive, as Bronte claimed MAFS offered almost no support to cast members after it finished filming. Speaking on the So Dramatic Extra podcast, Bronte detailed what makes it so difficult and the support she lacked after her time on MAFS Australia.

“During filming, I was distraught. I was speaking to the psychiatrist and venting, not realising at the time that everything I was saying was going back to the producers. I thought I was in a safe space.”

Bronte said how she was referring to her husband in the experiment Harrison as “a narcissist” to the psychiatrist she was having private conversations with, but claims these were shared. She explained: “There was no actual advice, no structure to help me get through what I was feeling. They would just put you on the phone [with the psychiatrist] to say: ‘Yep, we’ve had a phone call with Bronte today; we’ve done our part’.”

She also went into detail about how you can grow your Instagram after the show regardless if you were portrayed as a villain or anything on the series. “Ignore what people say. Their words mean jack sh*t. They’re not going to change any brands’ minds about you. Focus on yourself and know who you are. And your followers will see that. You can’t hide behind an edit forever.”

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