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Inside Sara and Lauren’s adorable friendship after meeting on MAFS Australia 2024

Best thing to come out of MAFS tbh

Out of everything that’s happened on MAFS Australia 2024 this year, the friendship that developed between brides Sara and Lauren has to be one of the more wholesome aspects of the show. So, from coordinated outfits to iconic TikTok videos, let’s look inside their vibey friendship.

They’re such a dynamic duo

Sara and Lauren were so iconic on MAFS Australia 2024 and always had each other’s backs during their time on the show. MAFS might not always result in a romantic relationship but it’s resulted in a lot of adorable friendships over the years.

Besties who do a post-show transformation together stay together


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Both Sara and Lauren got a joint post-MAFS hair transformation together and the vibes are absolutely immaculate.

Sara helps Lauren with content for her food Instagram account


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Lauren runs her own Instagram account that provides food reviews and Sara has the envious job of helping her film content and sample the food. I’ve genuinely never been more jealous in my whole life.

The coordinated outfits are KILLING me


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Someone get this duo their own joint clothing collaboration asap.

Of course they make vibey TikToks together


When the separation anxiety is too real @Lauren Dunn #besties #bestfriend #mafs #mafsaustralia

♬ original sound – cloud☁️

Sara and Lauren have been making some hilarious TikTok videos together after leaving MAFS Australia 2024 together. I need them to do a video together and spill the MAFS tea because I know they’re holding onto some major gossip.

And celebrated Sara’s 30th birthday together


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The pics are too wholesome!

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