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Six months after the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, have Jack and Tori said ‘I love you’ yet?

The all important question

A lot has happened since the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion and we last saw that Jack and Tori were still in a relationship together. Six months on from the reunion the couple are still together and have even moved in together.

Both Jade and Ridge plus Ellie and Jono have declared their love for each other, but the all-important question is whether Jack and Tori have dropped the ‘l bomb’ on each other yet after their time on MAFS Australia 2024.

Have Jack and Tori told each other they’re in love yet?

Well, as far as we’re aware the two have not yet declared that they love each other yet, despite filming for the final vows of MAFS Australia 2024 finishing in October 2024, over seven months ago.

Jack and Tori have spoken about the progression of their relationship, with Jack revealing: “We haven’t dropped the ‘L-bomb’ to each other yet. It’s heading that way and we are in that process of falling in love with each other. I definitely think we’re falling in love. We’ve got plans for the future, we’re talking about houses, Tori’s settled into her new job here on the Gold Coast…”

However, Jack has also explained that he would want kids with Tori within “two years” and ideally would propose to her in about “one year.” If that’s still the timeline they’re sticking to then at this rate Tori might have a ring on her finger before Jack has declared his love! The two have moved in together and from the pictures on their Instagram seem to still be in a very happy relationship together.

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