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There was massive cast drama surrounding the pronunciation of Sara’s name on MAFS Australia

Tim revealed how it ‘blew out of proportion’

The pronunciation of Sara’s name on MAFS Australia 2024 has long been a point of contention and even at the reunion I still didn’t know which was the correct way to pronounce it, and it turns out there was actually some major cast drama surrounding Sara and her name.

2024 groom Tim recently appeared on the Sit With Us podcast hosted by MAFS Australia alumni Dominica and Ella, and during one part they were joking about how you are actually supposed to pronounce Sara. They said: “You were married to Sara [Sarah], Sara [Sara], we said it wrong every time we did our recording. What does she like to be called?” Tim confirmed that she “prefers Sara” as in pronounced like Sarah.


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Tim then explained all the cast drama that ensured around the pronunciation, revealing: “If you pronounce it in Spanish it’s Sara [Sara] like that was a thing that we had right, she’s Columbian and I lived in Columbia so I speak a bit of Spanish and I thought it would be a cute little thing we could have between us but it sort of confused everyone around us because when I was talking about her, I was like ‘Oh Sara [Sara] and I have done this, this and this’ so then people started calling her Sara [Sara] and then it just completely blew out of proportion.”

I genuinely have a headache after all that!

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