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All the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who have defended Jack’s behaviour post-show

‘He’s the only person I really trusted’

MAFS Australia 2024 groom Jack has certainly said and done some very controversial things during his time on the show, but now it’s finished a lot of his fellow cast members have rushed to his defence to not only defend his behaviour but also his edit. Let’s see who’s defending him and what they have to say about Jack.



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Richard explained to Behind The Edit that he felt like Jack was the only groom on MAFS Austalia 2024 he could “fully trust” and he viewed him as a very “solid guy.” He explained: “There’s only one person I trust. The only person I trust from the show is Jack. Jack is solid. Jack did some and said some really bad sh*t on the show and he owned it and he copped it and he and Tori had an absolute nightmare of a time.”

He continued, “He’s not going to be my best mate, but he’s a really, really solid guy and a good guy. I speak to Jack every week and anything I say to him doesn’t go to anybody else. Unlike, for example, I was sending texts and things to Andie and I hear them being read out on podcasts.” Yikes.



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During an interview in episode 379 of the So Dramatic! podcast, MAFS Australia 2024 cast member Ben defended the edit that Jack got during the show. He explained: “Jack has said some silly stuff, there’s no denying it. He was out of line, he apologised, but [the way he was on screen] is not who he is.”

Ben admitted that Jack wasn’t “that bad of a bloke” and called his edit “a bit harsh. To his credit, he’s copped it on the chin and kept moving on, he’s got balls of steel.”



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We all knew Tori was going to feature on this list sadly. Cast your mind back to when Jack rudely compared fellow cast member Tristan to a “whale” at the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat. And despite Tori saying at the time she was “disappointed” in his behaviour, she’s since completely backtracked and instead defended him.

Tori appeared on Hit Queensland’s Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, and said that her husband “obviously has a really big target on his back.”

She explained: “I wasn’t there when he said [the whale comment]… but from what I’ve heard, when that comment was made to the people that were around the pool, there was a big barrel of laughter.” Tori then claimed that the cast members who said they heard Jack’s comment on the MAFS Australia retreat were actually lying.

She continued: “The people saying that they were there when he said it, weren’t actually there. They weren’t even at the pool at the time, they were inside. I think people’s memories are quite fuzzy. And like I said, when someone’s got a target on their back, their memories all of a sudden come back, and they can recall what was said, when it was said and who it was said to.” Sure Jan.

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