Lucinda Timothy MAFS Australia 2024 friendship

Inside Timothy and Lucinda’s very wholesome friendship since leaving MAFS Australia 2024

Just give them their own spin-off show at this point

Despite Lucinda and Timothy not working out romantically on MAFS Australia 2024, since the show ended they’ve been spending a lot of time together and have developed an unbelievably special friendship together. From making fun of each other in lighthearted TikToks to calling every day on the phone, here’s what Lucinda and Timothy have been up to since leaving MAFS Australia 2024.

They’ve been catching up in Sydney together


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Timothy and Lucinda recently spent some time together in Sydney with Lucinda describing him as a “divine spunk.” I think she’ll always have a little crush on old Timbo.

Spending time together with past and present MAFS Australia cast members


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It’s not surprising that Lucinda and Timothy are pretty much friends with the entire MAFS Australia 2024 cast and regularly spend time with them. They both recently went to dinner with Tahnee and Eden and the pics are too wholesome.

They call each other daily and my heart is melting


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According to So Dramatic! Timothy and Lucinda call “daily” and see each other “at least once a week.”

The source revealed: “Lucinda and Timothy aren’t still together romantically but they are the best of friends. They catch up all the time for dinner, at least once a week, enjoy each other’s company and hang out as much as they can. They also speak on the phone daily, and Timothy confides in Lucinda a lot.”

The two have been making goofy TikToks together


Mum & dad took me to dinner 😂❤️

♬ original sound – Eden Harper


The two made a silly TikTok with Eden where they recreated Lucinda’s hilarious tree-hugging scene in the first episode of MAFS, and I can still never get enough of the pair.

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