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Richard Gadd has revealed which ‘disturbing’ Baby Reindeer scene was the most truthful

The scene was incredibly harrowing

Baby Reindeer is based on the actual emotional and real-life experiences of its creator Richard Gadd, with some elements being more fictional than others.

But Richard Gadd has now revealed which scene during the series is the “most truthful” alongside with it being one of the most disturbing and harrowing scenes that appears in Baby Reindeer. During the series, Donny meets a TV producer called Darrien and eventually goes to his house. However, while he is there Darrien drugs him and sexually abuses and assaults Donny.

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During the final episode of Baby Reindeer after Martha is arrested, Donny goes and sees Darrien again who offers him paid TV work. Richard Gadd spoke about the final scene of Baby Reindeer and its truthfulness in an interview with GQ. He explained: “I think that was almost the most truthful scene of the entire show,” he admitted.

“What abuse does is it creates psychological damage as well as physical damage, abuse leaves an imprint. Especially abuse like this where it’s repeated with promises. There’s a pattern where a lot of people who have been abused feel like they need their abusers. I don’t think it was a cynical ending, it was showing an element of abuse that hadn’t been seen on television before, which is, unfortunately, the deeply entrenched, negative, psychological effects of attachment you can sometimes have with your abuser.”

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