MAFS Australia 2024 couples

All the adorable MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have moved in together since the show ended

Love is in the air

Since MAFS Australia 2024 finished a lot of the couples have made some major steps in their relationships, including moving in together. So, which couples have made the move and how are they finding the experience so far?

Jack and Tori

Jack and Tori were one of the first couples to move in together after leaving MAFS Australia 2024, with Tori recently sharing a video on her Instagram that revealed she only took two weeks to move into Jack’s apartment.

The two explained in an interview with Channel Nine: “Tori is on my lease, she’s officially a resident here with me on the Gold Coast in this beautiful apartment by the water. We’re just buying bits of furniture here and there and making it our home.”

Jono and Ellie


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Arguably the show’s most divisive couple Ellie and Jono are still going strong, and have moved in together. Ellie explained: “I’ve taken over most of the wardrobe and the bathroom and there’s hair everywhere.” Hope she’s making hair shower sculptures.

Ben and Aileen

Whilst they didn’t meet on MAFS Australia 2024, I think it’s only fair to include Ben and Aileen, who also moved in together very quickly after going on a couples holiday to Bali together. Ben revealed: “Yeah, so basically when we just got back from Bali, that was like the official, we did the trip to Bali and then we had all the stuff moved out, exciting times.”

Jade and Ridge


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Whilst Jade and Ridge haven’t officially confirmed they have moved in together he has apparently found work on the Gold Coast, which was the final requisite he needed to fill before moving in with Jade. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, an insider revealed: “For the last couple of months he’s been back and forth, but now he’s spending 99% of his life up on the Goldie with Jade.”

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