Selling OC season three Kayla Gino

Did Kayla and Gino manage to sell their properties on Selling The OC season season three?

We have answers!

Throughout the entirety of season three of Selling The OC it seemed every other realtor had an opinion about whether Kayla was able to take on and sell the highly desirable $28 million Bayside House listing, notably Gino Helou. Gino was also trying to sell his property and season three of Selling The OC left us on a cliffhanger about whether he and Kayla had sold their respective properties.

But now we know the outcomes, and it’s good news for Kayla! On the Oppenheim Group website, it reveals the property was sold in November 2023 for just under $25 million which means Kayla did manage to sell the property.

She revealed in an interview with Netflix: “It was obviously the biggest listing I’ve had, and there were a lot of ups and downs. We bent over backwards for a lot of things, but it turned out to be great. We sold it in the 11th hour. It was a quick close for $25 million, so I’m very thankful. I have a lot of great things [going on] now. I’m still of course doing my real estate, and I’ve been picking up a lot of momentum. I’m now a certified life coach. I brought back my podcast. I’ve been speaking on stages. I’m just giving back to the community and it’s been very fulfilling.”

As for Gino, he’s had a lot less success than Kayla, and still hasn’t managed to sell his property, and has actually been forced to reduce the price by a hefty $3 million. Yikes!

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