Baby Reindeer

SA charity says male referrals have increased by 53 per cent directly due to Baby Reindeer

The show has made a huge impact

Since the launch of Baby Reindeer on Netflix, male sexual assault charity We Are Survivors has seen an astronomic 53 per cent increase in referrals that are directly due to Baby Reindeer.

The charity shared the statistics on their Instagram, revealing that they’ve had an 80 per cent increase in ‘first time callers’ asking about support, 40 per cent increase in referrals from young people aged 26-35 and that 53 per cent of those referred called because of watching Baby Reindeer.

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The organisation aims to “create and facilitate safe spaces for male (including trans and non-binary individuals) survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation. Our work is focused on developing ways for individuals to empower themselves to work through personal and sometimes painful issues, guided and supported by our trauma-informed team, following the trauma and recovery model.”


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Richard Gadd has previously spoken out about what his experience as a survivor was like having to relieve his traumatic experiences in order to film certain scenes for the Netflix series. He explained: “It was tough, I can’t deny. I mean, who in their right mind wants to revisit the worst thing that ever happened to them? The worst period of their life? Of course, it affects you and leaves a bit of an imprint on you. But at the same time, I do sometimes feel that revisiting pain and re-experiencing things can lead to a better understanding of them.”

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