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Sean and Austin reveal whether they’re still friends after Selling The OC season three

It’s not looking great for them

If there’s one thing season three of Selling The OC brought us it’s a lot of friends drama, particularly in relation to the wild accusations Sean supposedly spread about Austin and his sex life. Eventually, the two got physical and it seemed everyone had to pick whose side they were on, but after all the chaos are the two still friends?

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Austin has revealed exactly where he stands with Sean in an interview with Netflix, explaining: “Sean and I no longer speak, and I think that’s pretty clear why. He made up some really personal lies about myself and then involved my wife, so I had my Will Smith moment and I’ve moved on. Now I’m really focused on just family, work, and giving my children the lives that they deserve. I don’t really have time for that stuff.”

There is, however, one person who’s still firmly in the former O Group agent’s corner. “Sean and I are pretty close,” says Alexandra Jarvis. “We talk regularly.”


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In another interview Austin admitted how he no longer knows what the truth is, explaining: “I want to believe — and I choose to believe — that Sean wasn’t– he wouldn’t have done that, you know? The Sean I knew, the friend that I invited into my home, the person that I would allow to babysit my children, was a friend and someone who opened up to me, and I opened up to him.

“We were friends that became family. So, I like to believe that the lie just kind of grew legs and turned into something that it wasn’t, and then Sean just felt like he had to stick with it and take it to the grave. But, you know, I don’t know if I’ll ever know the truth because we no longer speak.”

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