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A Redditor has decoded the text Tyler sent Sean on Selling The OC and it exposes some lies

This literally changes everything

Season three of Selling The OC has been one of the most explosive yet, with the whole debacle between Sean and Austin exploding out of control and ultimately ending in a physical altercation between the two cast members.

Lots of messages are shown throughout the show, that you just know contain some juicy gossip but often the messages aren’t shown on the screen long enough, if at all, for us to work out what they say. Well, luckily for us one eagle-eyed Redditor MinaLinx paused one of the particularly juicy scenes during Selling The OC where Sean is talking about a message that Tyler sent him about Austin.

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During the scene in episode eight, he tells his fellow cast members that Tyler doesn’t want him working with Austin. Well, the Reddit user has actually transcribed the text message and exposed Sean for telling some lies to everyone as it turns out what the text message actually says is quite different to what he tells everyone.

So I took a closer look at the message Tyler sent Sean…
byu/MinaLinx inSellingSunset

Whilst some aspects can’t be read fully, the message reads: “Choose sides or put themselves in a to personally or professionally. Moving forward, if things can’t be kept where they should be then I agree with you that nothing should be said at all. I only ever did talk because I was swept up in the family aspect of the cast. You live and you learn. That being and like we already talked about, you SHOULD work with Austin. And anyone else you want to.

“We’re all grinding and the goal for all is to make enough money to feed our —, right? As your friend and colleague, all I want is your success. Whether it’s solo, with me or anyone else. There’s no need to walk on eggshells or feel like you’re doing anything wrong when you’re out. And I did call you just now to link up FYI. And I’m sorry I haven’t been more available. Like you, I am busy and not just with real estate but with side hustles and personal stuff.

“I wasn’t just on vacation, that was a work trip I’m grinding man and I want to keep grinding. It’s been no disrespect to you. No weird vibes moving forward. Here to work with you as we see fit and as opportunities come. Or not because our friendship comes first no matter what. Love you long time. Have a good work out.”

Looks like Sean has been caught slightly red-handed, the proof is in the pudding!

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