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Alex Hall ‘doesn’t speak’ to Tyler as shocking ‘revelations’ emerged after Selling The OC

There’s some beef between the two

After all the drama during season three of Selling The OC, Alex has revealed exactly where her and Tyler stand, and it’s not looking great tbh. During an interview with PEOPLE, Alex admitted that she and Tyler “no longer speak” after some shocking revelations were made clear to her after filming wrapped for season three of Selling The OC.

Alex explained: “We don’t speak. I’ve accepted it at this point,” she says. “In the beginning, it was kind of confusing, and what’s going on? There were some revelations that surfaced right after we finished filming season 3, and so it gave me a lot more clarity and understanding of why he was behaving certain ways, and I was really able to have closure, because I could wrap my head around it. That’s not to say that it wasn’t shocking and confusing and hurtful, but it did give me clarity as to why he was behaving a certain way the entire season.”

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In another interview with Netflix, Alex added: “Tyler and I don’t speak anymore. So that’s where we stand. Chemistry can be very, very dangerous, and I’ve let it lead me astray many, many times. It can take you very far in a relationship where you might not be compatible with somebody, and then ultimately it’s somewhat of just a learning experience or a waste of time.” Sounds like all the chaos they sowed was totally worth it then!

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