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All the MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have cutely confessed their love for each other

Looks like the experiment has been a success!

Whilst some of the MAFS Australia 2024 couples may have split up since the show ended, there are still a lot of couples that are still together, so which ones have confessed their love to each other? Let’s find out!

Ben and Aileen

Ben has recalled how the two met, explaining: “I was getting my head straight after the show because I was f*cking broken. Just hitting the beach a lot, getting my regular coffee by Nobby’s Beach when I heard an accent there and I had to approach her. We had a bit of a giggle and we just hit it off from there.

“Mate, love her to bits, and she’s moved in. Yeah, so basically when we just got back from Bali, that was like the official, we did the trip to Bali and then we had all the stuff moved out, exciting times.”

Jayden and Eden


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Whilst they’ve now broken up Jayden and Eden confessed their love for each other in front of the rest of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast, and it was quite wholesome.

Jono and Ellie


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Jono and Ellie are among the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who have declared their love for each other. The two happily revealed: “We’ve dropped the L-bomb We were drunk one night at a mate’s birthday party and Ellie was like, ‘I want to tell you something’,” explained Jono. “I was like, ‘I love you too’.”

Ridge and Jade


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Ridge clarified his feelings for Jade in an emotional Instagram post, writing: “If you had told me before I went on this experiment that I’d find love, I would have laughed in your face and told you to tell your story walking. In the experiment, I managed to meet a girl who made me fall so deeply for her and made me realise why it never worked with anyone else.

“She’s all I’ve ever wanted and so much more. I’m so grateful that the experts matched us, and although she was handed to me, we made the choice to stay together and build something really special.”

However, not all the MAFS couples have said the three little words left as Jack and Tori still haven’t said it to each other yet, revealing: “We haven’t dropped the ‘L-bomb’ to each other yet. It’s heading that way and we are in the process of falling in love with each other. I definitely think we’re falling in love.”

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