Collins MAFS Australia 2024

MAFS Australia groom Collins has answered the questions we’ve all been wondering about him

And denied once again that he’s an actor

Throughout his time on MAFS Australia 2024, Collins certainly made an impression on us all and left us with rather a lot of questions such as whether he’s secretly a robot and if he’s really an actor or not. And in case all these questions about him were making you lose sleep at night, worry not as he’s made a TikTok answering all the really brutal questions about him, and to be fair he answered them all very truthfully!

Collins decided to go through and answer the most Googled things about him from MAFS Australia 2024, with the groom adding he hoped they were only “kind and loving questions,” and sir you are in for a shock I’m sorry.

Is Collins from MAFS an actor?

“No! I am not an actor. I have done a couple of advertisements before, but that’s just the opportunities you get when, you know I’m a host and that’s it, I’m not an actor. I’ve just done a couple of TV advertisements.”

Is Collins from MAFS a psychopath?

“Oh my god. I’m not a psychopath. No, I’m not a psychopath what?!”

Is Collins from MAFS a virgin?

“No! Get in! Because man does okay, my man he does well. I’m not.” He then proceeded to put both middle fingers up to the camera. Yikes, sensitive stuff.

Is Collins from MAFS a narcissist?

“What is going on?! I don’t believe this. I get it, I get it, but no I don’t think I’m a narcissist.”

Is Collins from MAFS a paid actor?

“No, I’m not. And if I said yes you would have said ‘well he sucked at it.'”

Is Collins from MAFS okay?

“No! I’m not, this is awful.”

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