Selling OC Sean Austin

Austin exposes Sean as fake and ‘desperate’ after Selling The OC feud in brutal statement

‘The truth will always prevail’

Austin has slammed Sean and decided to set the rumours straight around what happened during season three of Selling The OC, in a brutal Instagram statement. During the most recent season of Selling The OC Sean accused Austin and his wife of being a “little bit flirty” with him and claimed they propositioned him to have a threesome.

In his Instagram statement, Austin wrote: “First things first… finish the entire season! The lies start to fall apart and opinions change. The truth will always prevail. The answer to most of your questions/accusations is simply screen time. In reality TV, if you are not featured, you are not paid. When you quit your job and haven’t sold a property in 2 years, you get desperate. Contrary to popular belief, reality TV doesn’t pay the bills. In reality TV, you can quite literally make anything up and it’s your word vs theirs. Scary Stuff.

“I’m sorry but not sorry bc the following does not mean I’m hitting on you, especially if we are good friends. Double tapping your posts, sending heart emojis or complimenting your progress in the gym (them legs.)

“I’m a straight man. I love my wife and we have never and will never ‘experiment.’ I can care less what you do in your personal life. Zero judgment here, do what makes YOU happy. If you are negative you will get blocked. I have no space in my life for negativity or your fantasies.”

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