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MAFS Australia 2024 gossip column: Groom got his ex pregnant?! Plus fake experts exposed!

The post show drama never dissapoints!

MAFS Australia 2024 might be over but there’s still lots of juicy post-show gossip to unpack, from one groom allegedly getting another one of his exes pregnant to whether or not Sara slept with her ex, there’s a lot of drama to get through!

Timothy is still feuding with Jack and calls him a ‘f*cking liar’

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Timothy and Jack’s beefy MAFS Australia feud is still ongoing and the drama just doesn’t stop. Speaking on the Project 23 with Luke Erwin podcast, Timothy was more than happy to rip Jack to shreds, saying: “I think Jack and Tori are absolutely built for each other. Big shout out to Jacky boy for making me look good. You are a f*cker by the way.”

During a previous cast event, Timothy also called out both Tori and Jack, confessing: “I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex, which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense, you f*cking liar.” Timothy then went on to state that Jack was “full of sh*t from head to toe” and was “doing everybody.”

Both Jack and Jono claim Sara definitely slept with her ex

I mean we all sort of knew this already, but speaking on the Project 23 Podcast with Luke Erwin, Jono revealed: “Sara fully cheated on Tim, but she went out at the weekend and banged her ex. Eden said that she admitted to her… so Eden said she has the proof but Eden doesn’t want to get involved in a war.”

Jono also revealed some more juicy MAFS Australia 2024 gossip, confessing that Tim told him that Sara “is the worst person I’ve ever met” and that he had her saved in his phone as “El Diablo” – the devil. Wild stuff.

Ridge allegedly got a third ex-girlfriend of his pregnant?!


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We already knew that Ridge allegedly got two women pregnant just weeks before starting MAFS Australia, and now another one of his exes has claimed he got a THIRD woman pregnant and yikes! Ridge’s ex told So Dramatic! that the MAFS groom was seeing another woman behind her back who he’d also gotten pregnant.

She revealed: “He told me he got her pregnant a few years before he met me, and she had an abortion. He said this was [why] they were so close, ‘because they bonded so much together during it.’ So that’s an additional woman he has impregnated… He’s absolutely a manipulative narcissist. I was shocked to see that he hadn’t changed.”

Jack reveals his ‘biggest regret’ from the show

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Jack appeared on Ella and Dominica’s Sit With Us podcast and revealed what his “biggest regret” was during his time on the show. He explained that when he told Jono to “muzzle his woman” it was “one of my biggest regrets from the show.”

Jono reveals experts are ‘fed lines’ through earpieces and would ‘nap’ during filming

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In the same Project 23 Podcast episode, Jono revealed: “Richard fell asleep a few times, even John the expert, he’d have a nap. John the expert would just close his eyes.” Ellie added: “Then they’ve got the earpieces in right? So they’re listening to the information from the producers about what to say next and what questions to ask when you’re up on the couch.”

Jono continued: “They’re fed things to say. The experts I would say have zero per cent to do with choosing couples, matching couples. When it comes to the advice they give, they get told what to run hard at and what to say pretty much.”

Timothy and Jono expose more editing manipulations during the reunion


Why did you call me slimey and a piece of shit @Tim Smith 🥹😅😂 #mafs #fyp

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During a joint TikTok with Timothy, Jono explained that he’s been “getting asked some questions, why is Tim hanging out with me when he called me slimy and a piece of sh*t. Why would you do that Tim?” Timothy replied: “Well actually, I didn’t actually say it about Jono. I actually said it about Jack that night.”

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