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Ollie claims Tahnee cheated and hacked into his socials to spy on his new relationship

Tahnee has also claimed he cheated on her during their relationship

MAFS Australia alumni and former couple Tahnee and Ollie have been majorly beefing over the last week, and now they’ve both accused each other of cheating whilst they were in their relationships.

On May 2 Tahnee posted a TikTok with the song Happier Than Ever playing alongside the caption: “I didn’t talk shit about you. I just said what happened, and it’s not my fault the situation makes you look bad.” And from there the situation spiralled.


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Three days later she posted yet another TikTok about her relationship with Ollie, explaining that she suspected her MAFS Australia groom cheated on her whilst they were still in a relationship. She explained: “You know when you have a feeling, but you don’t have any proof, so that’s all you can sit with. When we were [still] together, I came home from a holiday and found a cardigan in my bedroom that wasn’t mine. To this day, I still don’t know whose it is.”


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Tahnee also addressed the time when Ollie brought back women to their apartment when they were still living together, saying: “Two weeks is still too soon, especially if it’s bringing people to the same house I’m in [and letting them] touch my belongings. If I have friends seeing you on a date a week after we’d broken up and we hadn’t publicly announced the breakup, that’s hurtful, and it feels a bit too soon for me.”

Ollie then clapped back with some claims of his own and revealed that Tahnee was apparently messaging a personal trainer from the UK whilst they were still together. He revealed: “I’ve sat on Tahnee messaging Ethan Love, a PT from the UK, and putting the messages in general, and then calling me insecure and saying, ‘I know you would get upset about that’.”


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Ollie also accused Tahnee of hacking into his Instagram and socials to spy on him after they broke up, saying: “Since the breakup, Tahnee has messaged by exes. Taken photos of my diary and sent them to her friends. Hacked into my Instagram from her computer. All since we separated.”

He thinks that Tahnee is creating the drama because he has moved on from her and is finally “happy.” He explained: “What’s concerning is someone who is hell-bent on trying to affect someone’s happiness because they don’t feel it themselves. I am at fault in this relationship, but I will not be the scapegoat. I just want to move on, and honestly, I want her to find love because I know when she does, this will all stop.” Yikes!!

The Tab has reached out to Tahnee and Ollie for comment. 

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