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Sara and Tim fully broke up during the MAFS Australia retreat but scene was axed from show

‘Sara was in tears, she didn’t think Tim was her person’

Umm, Jack and Tori did a podcast yesterday and dropped some bombshell claims about their fellow MAFS Australia 2024 cast members Sara and Tim. According to Jack and Tori, Sara and Tim completely called it quits on their relationship during the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat, but producers decided to edit the footage out from the final cut.

During Ella and Dominica’s Sit With Us podcast, Jack and Tori revealed: “They had a moment at couples retreat where they hated each other, hated each other and they broke up right?! Then the next day they get whisked away to this date on the beach and they come back and all is well in the world.

“When actually on the girl’s night, I can’t remember what sh*t had hit the fan but Sara was in tears, she ran to the bedroom, I was consoling her, she didn’t want to be there and didn’t think Tim was her person.” Yikes, I can’t believe this was edited out!

On the same podcast, Tim previously discussed the cheating scandal with Sara, revealing he regrets not walking off MAFS Australia 2024. Dominica told Ella: “The next day he wrote leave at the commitment ceremony, and she wrote stay.”

Tim then explained: “Yeah it was so weird because I was enjoying my time on the show to be honest, like the show is pretty cool even though it’s so messed up. I called her [Sara] the night before and told her ‘you know I have to leave right?’” Tim then revealed that he also told Sara she could write stay but only if she was willing to “fight for him.”

Tim admitted that he now realises he was “caught up in the experiment” and at the time “didn’t want to leave the show.” Domenica then asked whether he “regrets” staying on the show, to which Tim replied: “I think so, a little bit. I think it would have been a lot better if I just fully left then and there for my peace of mind and clarity.”

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