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Tori and Jack reveal shocking reason why they still haven’t said ‘I love you’ after MAFS

The two have been together for over six months

Despite being in a relationship for over six months since meeting on MAFS Australia 2024, Tori and Jack have still not told each other they’re in love, and now they’ve revealed the real reason why they’ve been holding back.

The two sat down for an interview with Ella Ding and Dominica for their Sit With Us podcast, and revealed to the hosts that they still hadn’t told each other “I love you.”

Domenica asked Tori and Jack if they were “in love” following their time on MAFS Australia 2024, to which Tori replied: “We’ve not said it.” Despite the two now living together Jack asked Tori: “Have you ever told someone you’re in love with them?” to which Tori said “No.” Jack continued, commenting “Right, and I’ve only told one person in my life. In my Final Vows, I said I would not uproot your life if I didn’t take this seriously.”


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However, both said that whilst they still haven’t said those all-important three little words things seem to be headed that way. The pair previously admitted in an earlier interview: “We haven’t dropped the ‘L-bomb’ to each other yet. It’s heading that way and we are in the process of falling in love with each other. I definitely think we’re falling in love.”

Despite not yet being in love, Jack has revealed his plans to propose to Tori once they’ve been dating for around one year and start trying to have kids the year after, so they’d better get cracking!