Sleeping pills and underwear: All of Martha’s bizarre gifts to Donny that Netflix cut out

The nature of their relationship was completely different in the play

It seems that the Baby Reindeer saga is dropping bombshell after bombshell at the minute and I just can’t get enough. Avid fans like myself are just lapping it up, so I was be keen to learn that Netflix actually withheld even more information from its series than we originally thought.

On top of Martha’s arrest, there are actually loads of differences between the Netflix production of Baby Reindeer and the play, including the gifts which Donny received. Whilst the series didn’t actually see Donny’s stalker present him with any of the bizarre gifts, the one man play Richard Gadd created and starred in kept this crucial piece of context in.

As a result, the storyline was actually quite different, with the gifts adding layers to the relationship between Martha and Donny. His acceptance of her presents could actually be considered as indulging the concept of their relationship being more than it really was. So, here’s a look at all of the gifts Baby Reindeer received from Martha in the play.


baby reindeer gifts

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Despite including the scene where Martha poses for a sexy photo with an Irn Bru, leaving it in Donny’s bedroom in the show, Netflix chose not to include any scenes where Martha sent Donny some of her underwear. It’s unsure whether this happened in real life, but in Richard Gadd’s play, Donny did receive some of his stalker’s underwear, changing the dynamic between the two main characters quite a bit.

Sleeping pills

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This one seems a little rogue. According to the play, Martha gifted Donny the bizarre present of sleeping pills. For what reason, we don’t know. I can’t imagine them having the same lure as a pair of underwear but they could have been intended to help him in some way.

Whilst these were shown as an item received from Martha in the play, Netflix chose not to mention them at all.

A baby reindeer toy

baby reindeer gifts

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We of course now know the real reason why the real Martha dubbed Richard Gadd as her baby reindeer, which explains why she bought and gifted him a reindeer toy. Maybe it was similar to the one she had as a child? If it weren’t for the chilling meaning behind it, it could’ve been a sweet token. Netflix scrapped this anyway.

A wooly hat

baby reindeer gifts

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I can sort of understand the meaning behind the gift of a wooly hat, especially with both Martha and Donny being Scots. It is bloody cold up there.

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