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Ella Ding slammed as a ‘victim blamer’ after implying Lauren deserved her ‘muzzle’ comment

Lauren has described their behaviour as ‘shameful’

MAFS Australia alumni Ella May Ding and Domenica have come under some major fire following their podcast interview with Jack and Tori from the 2024 season, where fans have felt like the two hosts defended Jack’s “muzzle” comment towards Lauren.

During their podcast episode Sit With Us, the two interviewed MAFS Australia 2024 couple Jack and Tori, with the conversation turning towards his “muzzle” comment towards Lauren, something he claims was his “biggest regret.” Domenica defended Jack, stating that if he’d said: “Shut the f*ck up Lauren” instead of “muzzle your woman” he wouldn’t have received as much backlash from the rest of the cast. Ella also claimed that Lauren “knew” Jack had a “temper he could be pushed to”, yet pushed him anyway.


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Lauren has since slammed their comments, and in a statement to So Dramatic! called Ella and Domenica out for being “victim blamers.” She said: “This is extremely disappointing behaviour, especially in today’s climate. There’s no place for victim blaming in our society. I sincerely hope these two women can educate themselves and learn from this. In an attempt to peddle their own hatred for myself and for Sara, they’ve perpetuated extremely harmful rhetoric surrounding victims of male-on-female violence in this country. Shameful.”

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Lauren isn’t the only MAFS Australia cast member calling out Ella and Domenica’s comments to Jack. Abbie Chatfield commented on the pair’s Instagram for their podcast: “Really disappointing to see the victim blaming here, and the allowance for a man to speak in such a dehumanising way about a woman because she … spoke too much?

“I can’t believe I’m seeing you both dismiss what he said because he was ‘pushed’. That’s the excuse for all abusive men. And what he did was verbal abuse. I’d take this episode down if I were you, apologise, and try to educate yourselves on the inner workings of patriarchy and how you have upheld it in this interview.” It’s all popping off!

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She later shaded the two on her Instagram story, calling them “faux feminists.” She wrote: “So sick of faux feminists upholding patriarchy and adding to the culture of violence, getting defensive when called out, but trying to profit off a movement they know nothing about. So embarrassing and gross.”

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