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Ranking all the Love Islanders by how hard they slayed on the 2024 BAFTA red carpet

Not Amy wearing a literal wedding dress

The 2024 BAFTA red carpet truly is a sacred place and one where celebrities and actors alike can reach highs and lows in showing off their fashion sense, including the cast of Love Island. From boring black ties to breathtakingly elegant dresses, let’s see which Islanders came to slay and who came to play.

9. Olivia Bowen

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Usually, Olivia Bowen can be relied upon as a Love Island cast member who never fails to miss on the BAFTA red carpet, but this year I’m sorry to say she missed the mark. The dress is giving Valentine’s Day and not in the way I want it to.

8. Will Young

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Now, don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad outfit but it’s just so boring. You could literally buy this from anywhere and I’m not feeling particularly inspired. More bright colours for men, please!

7. Amy Hart

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Now I know what you’re thinking, that this looks oddly like a wedding dress. Well, you’re exactly on the money. In an interview with OK! Amy explained that she had tried this dress on previously for her wedding but didn’t end up buying it. And it really is just giving pure wedding vibes, not really fit for the carpet in my humble opinion.

6. Anton Danyluk

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Still a fairly basic suit but it feels a bit more dynamic than Will’s and the addition of different textures plus a waistcoat and watch go a long way.

5. Laura Anderson

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This is also just fine, and if the other dresses weren’t as out of place the dress wouldn’t be as high, but I do like the velvet and poofy sleeves. A poofy sleeve makes everything better.

4. Amber Gill

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I feel like I haven’t seen previous Love Island winner Amber on a red carpet in yonks, and she came to serve on the BAFTA one. The hair and makeup are flawless, I love the semi-sheerness of the dress and overall it’s *chef’s kiss.*

3. Maura Higgins

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Trust Maura to literally always be in the top three for a fashion event, this woman never misses. I wouldn’t usually like this type of mushroom plume dress but it just looks so good on her?! The makeup and hair serve pure elegance and the black velvet texture gives major sophisticated vibes.

2. Georgia Harrison

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Absolutely OBSESSED with this look. The way the fabric moves, the crystal embellishment matching the bag, the nails matching the dress?! It’s all so cohesive and I’m here for it.

1. Jessie Wynter

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I was not planning on Jessie being number one but I absolutely adore this look on her. The simple red dress and embellished trim at the front look so effortlessly flawless and I get major early 2000s Victoria’s Secret model vibes from her look. Her hair and makeup are honestly the best I have ever seen on her and overall it’s a massive win in my books.

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