All the Selling The OC cast members who have major beef with each other after season three

Some scathing comments have been made

There has been some major drama going down between all the Selling The OC cast members throughout season three, with seemingly everyone having some sort of feud with someone else. From ongoing rivalries to former besties turned backstabbers, let’s see who still has major beef with each other after the most recent of Selling The OC.

Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose

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In season two of Selling The OC cast members Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis had some major beef, and their feud has carried over into season three. In the most recent season, the two had become rivals with Alexandra Jarvis feeling like Alexandra Rose’s flirtatious behaviour was unprofessional, whilst Alexandra Rose felt unsupported by Alexandra Jarvis. Neither of them follow each other on Instagram and it’s safe to say they’re still feuding.

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall

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Tyler and Alex’s burgeoning relationship came to a standstill when he was worried starting a romantic relationship with her would ruin their friendship. Alex wanted Tyler to take the lead and felt like Tyler wasn’t giving her that, explaining: “I’m just a woman who wants a man to take the lead and unfortunately it wasn’t there.”

Alex has revealed that Tyler has since blocked her on Instagram and during an interview with PEOPLE, Alex admitted that she and Tyler “no longer speak” after some shocking revelations were made clear to her after filming wrapped for season three of Selling The OC.

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Alex explained: “We don’t speak. I’ve accepted it at this point,” she says. “In the beginning, it was kind of confusing, and what’s going on? There were some revelations that surfaced right after we finished filming season 3, and so it gave me a lot more clarity and understanding of why he was behaving certain ways, and I was really able to have closure, because I could wrap my head around it. That’s not to say that it wasn’t shocking and confusing and hurtful, but it did give me clarity as to why he was behaving a certain way the entire season.”

In another interview with Netflix, Alex added: “Tyler and I don’t speak anymore. So that’s where we stand. Chemistry can be very, very dangerous, and I’ve let it lead me astray many, many times. It can take you very far in a relationship where you might not be compatible with somebody, and then ultimately it’s somewhat of just a learning experience or a waste of time.” Yikes!

Austin Victoria and Sean Palmieri

Selling OC cast season three feud

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Austin has revealed exactly where he stands with Sean in an interview with Netflix, explaining: “Sean and I no longer speak, and I think that’s pretty clear why. He made up some really personal lies about myself and then involved my wife, so I had my Will Smith moment and I’ve moved on. Now I’m really focused on just family, work, and giving my children the lives that they deserve. I don’t really have time for that stuff.”

In another interview Austin admitted how he no longer knows what the truth is, explaining: “I want to believe — and I choose to believe — that Sean wasn’t– he wouldn’t have done that, you know? The Sean I knew, the friend that I invited into my home, the person that I would allow to babysit my children, was a friend and someone who opened up to me, and I opened up to him.

“We were friends that became family. So, I like to believe that the lie just kind of grew legs and turned into something that it wasn’t, and then Sean just felt like he had to stick with it and take it to the grave. But, you know, I don’t know if I’ll ever know the truth because we no longer speak.”

Polly and Sean

Selling OC cast season three feud

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Former Selling The OC cast besties Polly and Sean have been torn apart by the drama concerning him and Austin during season three, and their feud has got very spicy. Throughout the season Polly started to distance herself from Sean and has now spoken about the end of their friendship, claiming it stemmed from him wanting “more screen time.”

She told Access Hollywood, that Sean tried to create drama with her back in season two because he “was really disappointed with the lack of screen time he got in season one.” Apparently he “threw her under the bus” with her explaining: “I was like, absolutely not, I’m not giving you that. I’m hurt that my friend used me for that. He tried with Tyler, got a nibble and then with Austin, made up wild accusations.

“Ultimately, I do think that Sean did get what he wanted in terms of visibility on the show, but I don’t think this is good for him professionally, personally, and it really shows who he is and I want nothing to do with it.”

Kayla Cardona and Alex Hall

Selling OC cast season three feud

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Alex and Kayla have been beefing since season one of Selling The OC after Alex spread a rumour about Kayla flirting with Tyler whilst he was still married. Their feud came to a boil when Alex talked negatively about Kayla during a podcast episode and completely cut communication with her, alongside blocking her on everything.

As for where the two co-stars stand today, it’s not looking like sunshine and roses for the two. Kayla told E! News: “I knew that her apology was not genuine. But I still gave her a chance and after filming was over and all that happened. She continued to talk negatively about me on social media and we are no longer on speaking terms. I already knew that all of that was completely fake and for the camera.

“It was a nice weight that had been lifted and we both agreed on that. And then less than 48 hours later, I’m being sent TMZ news that she’s going on and saying horrendous things and accusations towards me, which just threw me for a loop. And I’m just like, ‘What on earth?’ It’s just the inconsistencies.”

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