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Erm, it turns out one participant in The Fortune Hotel has been on reality TV before?!

Something isn’t adding up…

Hang on a minute, it turns out one of the participants in The Fortune Hotel actually has a history of appearing on reality TV and previously starred in The Underdog: Josh Must Win just months ago.

Louie is a participant on The Fortune Hotel alongside his business partner Chloe, although the two didn’t last for very long on the show. The two were sent home at the end of the first episode after they opened a briefcase with an early check out card inside it. There are still nine briefcases left with only one containing the coveted £250,000 cash prize.


But Louie is no stranger to the world of reality TV as he previously appeared in the Channel 4 show, The Underdog: Josh Must Win just a few months ago. The show was based on all the participants thinking they were competing to win a cash prize, but Josh was actually a fake character controlled by Pete Wicks, Vicky Pattison and Amber Gill to ensure he won without causing suspicion.

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The Fortune Hotel premiered this week with host Stephen telling Virgin Radio: “There’s intrigue, there’s drama. There’s a lot of comedy. It’s very funny. But there are alliances formed. People help each other or throw each other under the bus. The most joyous thing for me is the fact that they’re in pairs.

“So you get to see mother and daughter have a go at each other because they don’t think they’re doing it right, or best mates, their relationship either flourishing or floundering. It’s just a really intriguing, exciting, adventurous game show.”

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