Gypsy Rose Blanchard earn

Okay, so how much money has Gypsy Rose Blanchard actually earned since she left prison?

She’s cashing in big time

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been out of prison for five months and in that time has managed to make some serious cash, but how much does she actually earn now she’s out? She’s been able to afford almost £100k in cosmetic procedures to alter her appearance so she must be getting a fair amount. So, from hefty book deals to sponsored social posts let’s find out how much Gypsy Rose Blanchard has actually earned since she left prison.

She could previously charge up to £80k per Instagram post

Whilst Gypsy Rose Blanchard deleted her first Instagram account, she previously had over eight million followers on the account, allowing her to earn a lot per post.

One expert claimed she could have been charging up to £80k for just one sponsored post on her Instagram, with Olivia Rudensky telling the New York Post: “With a community that engaged — wanting to listen to the podcasts, wanting to buy the book — Blanchard could be making millions this year. She has such a unique built-in audience that wants to hear more and wants more answers, which obviously turns into money. The Internet loves buying meme merch. People are watching her every move … there’s so many different content deals at play.”

Gypsy has since created a new Instagram account with only 27.9k followers so far, however depending on her engagement rate she could still be warning around £300-£600 per post.

And earned at least £4,500 from the TikTok creator programme


trying new things has been one of the best parts of freedom! Catch #GypsyRose #LifeAfterLockup on @lifetimetv Mondays, starting June 3rd, to see what else I’ve been up to🩷

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Due to a mix-up with where the money from the programme went, TMZ claimed that Gypsy lost out on at least £4,500 TikTok as the funds went into her ex-husband Ryans’s account. When she decided to delete her TikTok account which boasted a whopping nine million followers the money went into his account and who knows where it is now! She has now restarted her account and currently has a massive 9.7 million followers, and Gypsy has the capacity to earn hundreds of thousands per year from TikTok.

She is releasing a book next year and has another TV show coming out about her life

In January 2025 Gypsy will be releasing her memoir called My Time to Stand, alongside her TV show Life after Lockup which airs on June 3rd. Whilst the price for her book has not yet been revealed she will definitely be making some money off of both ventures.

And her net worth is nothing to be sniffed at!

As of 2023, it is estimated that Gypsy Rose Blanchard has an overall net worth of $3 million (just over £2.3 million) as of 2023. And with her following count and opportunities growing by the day, this number is only going to increase. Get that bag sis!

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