Young Sheldon cast George death

‘It hit us so hard’: How the cast of Young Sheldon reacted to George’s heartbreaking death

‘You barely even see it coming’

We’re all still reeling from the death of George on Young Sheldon, and the cast have since spoken out about the impact his departure had on filming and how they all coped with the reveal.

George was the beloved father of Sheldon throughout the series, and whilst viewers of The Big Bang Theory knew he passed away when Sheldon was only 14, it still came as a shock to most of us. Whilst George wasn’t always the best dad or husband, his relationship with his wife was back on track and he had been accepted to be a local football coach, all in all, it felt like his life was finally coming together. His death happened during the final episodes before the season finale of Young Sheldon, with his heartbreaking death happening offscreen after his wife Mary was alerted to the fact he’d had a heart attack.

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And whilst the cast of Young Sheldon knew since the pilot about his planned death, it still hit them just as hard. Lance Barber who plays George explained: “The fact is, I knew because of the history of The Big Bang. I was emotionally prepared for this from the pilot, you know? At least the potential of it. I was just thankful for every day, and every season, and every episode, I got to be on, knowing that potentially they could explore that before the show ended. So, mostly, I was grateful to get to the end.

“It was only in this last season where we discovered — and very close to shooting it — did we know details about how it was going to play out. There was a lot of speculation, always — certainly from fans, and certainly from us — wondering how it was going to play out. I think that the writers are really leaning into something with this that I think is a gamble. But from my perspective, it’s a really beautiful way to do it, regardless of how challenging and potentially polarizing it might be.”

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Montana Jordan who plays Sheldon’s brother Georgie described how hard it was trying to prepare for the scene, saying: “I don’t know if there is any preparing anybody for it. It’s just going to have to hit you, hit you hard too.”

The actress who plays Mary, Sheldon’s mother also spoke out about how sad the cast found the death of George, and that she knows Young Sheldon fans will be impacted too. She revealed: “We knew we were gonna end around that time, but discovering how and is still kind of new to us. I imagine if it’s sad for us, it will be sad for people who have watched from the beginning.”

Young Sheldon cast George death

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But Sheldon himself, played by Ian Armitage had a more upbeat look on George’s death, stating: “What I love is that the last episode that we’re seeing George in really is just a beautiful and great episode right up until the last moment. You barely even see it coming, so it’s not like the whole episode is mournful and dreary.”

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