Collins MAFS Australia 2024

Oh god, Collins has released his own MAFS Australia 2024 merch and it’s very cringe

Having said that I will be purchasing all of them

If there’s one thing that’s been missing in our post-MAFS Australia 2024 lives it’s some Collins merch, and honestly I can’t believe we’ve had to wait this long for it…

Collins announced his new clothing venture on his Instagram, and the range contains some of his most cringeworthy catchphrases. There are five different shirts available to buy, all priced at £17 and available in either black or white. The two most honourable mentions for the shirt phrases have to go to “what a day” and “she’s a top, top lady.” I quote “what a day” more times than I’d care to admit.

And Collins isn’t the only MAFS Australia 2024 cast member who has released his own range of merch, as Ridge has also got a whole collection centred around his “deece” catchphrase.

An anonymous source explained to Chattr: “He’s releasing crop tops, shirts, hoodies, the lot. Everything is printed and ready to go, he isn’t messing around. He’s ready to strike while the iron is hot and will be launching the line very soon.” Apparently, Jade is a massive supporter of his business already, with the source adding: “Jade’s proud of him and loves the idea, she wears the women’s line constantly.”


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There are currently 15 items in the collection which starts from £22 and go all the way up to £43 for a hoodie. Something tells me the rest of the cast might be hot on their heels to release merch of their own, so watch this space!

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