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The eye wateringly huge six figure sum Lucinda has made since leaving MAFS Australia 2024

She’s making serious bank

Following her huge success on MAFS Australia 2024, Lucinda is set to make a tidy six figure sum from her various businesses and other social ventures.  There’s no doubt that queen Lucinda has by far been the most successful MAFS Australia 2024 cast member to come out of the show and since leaving she’s already made an insane amount of money.

Most of her profits have been earned through an almost completely sold out UK tour alongside her side hustle as a celebrant, party card game business, personal subscription service and her skyrocketing Instagram followers. Let’s find out how much she’s making from everything.

Ticket sales

Lucinda announced she’s going on tour throughout the UK later this year, and it looks like a dream. Most of the locations sold out almost instantly and some venues, such as Glasgow have had to be upgraded to a larger one to accommodate the demand.

Tickets are surprisingly affordable with standard seating costing £27.50 or the VIP package which includes a pre-show meet and greet plus a photo opportunity costing £55. General tickets are already on sale, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Yahoo Lifestyle has reported that if Lucinda sells all of her 4,500 tickets for £27.50 then she’ll net a total of £198,000 and that doesn’t even take into account anyone buying the VIP tickets.



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Lucinda is also a registered marriage celebrant but she charges an eye wateringly large sum for her services and has increased the price since her MAFS fame. Radio breakfast hosts Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones enquired about how much it would cost them to have Lucinda officiate a wedding and the number given back to them came to a whopping £6,300! She certainly isn’t cheap!

Party cards


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Lucinda sells her own party game cards called ‘Party Activators’ which are an “exclusive adults-only card game boasting 60 cards designed to elevate your celebration. Dive into a mix of sexy & silly activities that will not only crack open hearts & break down barriers but also spark connections, leaving you in fits of laughter.” Each set of cards cost £30 for the pack, and they seem to be selling well for Lucinda.

Subscription service

Lucinda has released a subscription service called the Lucinda Light Tribe and is described as: “a nurturing space where Lu can prioritize your emotional well-being, relationships, and communication skills overlooked in our busy lives. This portal is where Lu will provide meaningful care and support to you.”

The subscription costs £21 per month and includes access to “Ask Lu” bimonthly live Zoom calls, a monthly publication of Lucinda’s thoughts and musings, giveaways and discounts on Lucinda Light merchandise as well as a resource page.

Instagram followers


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Lucinda currently boasts 625k followers on the platform and is by far the most followed cast member from MAFS Australia 2024. On average, she could be earning a minimum of £25,000 from her account per year depending on sponsorships and brand deals.

So, how much money has she made in total?

That means in total Lucinda could expect to make a minimum of £229,351 from appearing on MAFS, and that’s only taking into consideration one person using her for a celebrant service, one subscription and one pack of party cards. In short, she’s going to be minted!

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