Young Sheldon George season finale death

Young Sheldon producers reveal they really ‘regret’ the death of George in season finale

My heart is breaking already

As the season finale of Young Sheldon draws ever closer I’m still mourning the death of George, we all knew it was coming from The Big Bang Theory but it didn’t make it any less heartbreaking. And now the producer of Young Sheldon, Chuck Lorre, has revealed he “regrets” the decision to kill off George and decided not to make it the focal point of the final episode to keep the show on a more “positive” note.

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In a statement shared on Instagram Stories by actress Raegan Revord, Lorre wrote, “Eighteen years ago, when we were writing and producing The Big Bang Theory, it seemed like a good idea to imagine that Sheldon’s childhood was deeply disrupted by the loss of his father. No one could have thought that someday, we would regret that decision. That someday is now.

“There were a lot of tears on stage when this episode’s last scene was shot. A reminder that we had all fallen in love with a fictional character. Which is, itself, a reminder to love the characters in our life who are real. To do otherwise, is to live with regret.”

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Speaking to Deadline, fellow executive producer Steve Holland explained that Chuck’s regret over the death of George was partly why his death wasn’t saved for the Young Sheldon finale. He revealed: “We talked about it. I think early on our thought was probably that it would be the final episode or that the funeral would be the final episode,” Holland explained. “As we were talking about it, I think Chuck Lorre said the show has been such a positive, loving family show. Let’s not leave the audience wallowing in grief.

“Maybe there’s a way to do that and then move past it and show the family starting to put itself back together and end on a little bit more of a moment of hope.” Now excuse me whilst I enter an official mourning period.

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