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Erm, it turns out George from Young Sheldon was also Leonard’s bully in Big Bang Theory?!

Talk about a plot hole!

If you’re a dedicated Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory watcher you might have had a lingering feeling that you’ve seen Sheldon’s dad George already. And it would turn out you’d be completely right because the actor who played George also appeared in Big Bang Theory and I’m genuinely so confused.

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You might be feeling confused about how on earth Sheldon’s dad made an appearance when, spoiler alert, he sadly passed away in the penultimate episode of Young Sheldon. Well, that’s because he plays a completely different role in Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s high school bully.

He appears in an episode called The Speckerman Recurrence where Leonard comes face to face once again with his high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman. Jimmy messages Leonard and asks whether they can meet for a drink, hesitantly Leonard agrees and Jimmy greets him as if the two are old friends. Jimmy then tells Leonard he’s come up with an idea for 3D glasses and wants Leonard to help him.

Since this episode aired before Young Sheldon started filming it turns out the actor who played George hadn’t yet been cast in Young Sheldon yet, but he must have made a good impression!

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But that isn’t the only time there’s been a crossover with casting from Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon as it actually turns out that the actress for Penny voiced a character called the pool monster, and whilst she was uncredited for the role, executives confirmed it was indeed her.

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