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From festivals to luxury holidays: Inside the iconic life of Selling The OC agent Alex Hall

I have to know if she took that trip to Italy

Alex Hall is one of the most memorable agents on Selling The OC, and after a drama-filled season between her and Tyler, we were left on a cliffhanger about whether or not she was going to jet off to Italy with her new mystery beau. So, from festivals to luxury European holidays, let’s look inside the unbelievably iconic life of Alex Hall.

Showing cheek at Coachella

Would it be Alex Hall if she didn’t show at least a little cheek with her Coachella outfit? She went to the music festival with Patron Tequila alongside Brett and Jason Oppenheim and looked as if she was having the absolute time of her life.

Living her best life in Italy


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At the end of Selling The OC season three, Alex Hall was preparing to fly to Italy for a romantic trip away with her love interest, but did she ever make it? Alex told Netflix: “I did go to Italy. It’s really hard to come back from somewhere like that, you know? If I didn’t have kids, I’d probably still be there.”

She relaxed by Lake Como and shared a picture of herself with some major shade towards her co-workers, writing: “Imagine talking sh*t about me in your ugly town to your stinky friend and I’m just over here having breakfast in Lake Como before I head to my massage.” Absolutely savage.

She’s taking a break from dating for now


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Whilst her romantic life was the talk of Selling The OC season three, Alex Hall has revealed that for the meantime she’s decided to “take a break from dating” and is no longer seeing the guy she went to Italy with. She told Netflix: “Dating in your 30s is hard. Dating with kids is hard. Dating after a divorce is hard. Dating being on a reality show is hard,” she says. “And if my life wasn’t complicated enough, now it’s even more difficult with the show being out.”

While her children and her real estate career remain top priorities, Alex still has hopes of settling down with a soulmate one day. “Obviously, I want to be in a relationship. I want to get remarried. I would love to possibly have more children, but I’m kind of laying off the pressure of it for now.”

Spending lots of time with her bff  daughter


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Alex has two children, including one son but her 14 year old daughter was the first child she had when she was just 19. Alex describes Gianna as her “ride or die” and shared a lot of adorable pictures of the two of them together for her birthday.

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