Lauren MAFS Australia 2024

Inside Lauren’s single girl life since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 with her head held high

She’s flirty and thriving

Since MAFS Australia 2024 ended, Lauren has quite literally been living her best hot single girl life, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s booked and busy doing incredibly iconic things alongside running her own business, is there anything this woman cannot do?! Let’s have a look insider her life now the experiment is over.

Making some major influencer cash as she should

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lauren’s new management said: “We’re pleased to announce Lauren Dunn, a participant in Season 11 of MAFS has joined SF Celebrity Management. Laurens’s energetic nature and strong opinions made her a standout in this season. Showcasing her sharp wit, and ability to hold her own in tough situations, Lauren is smart and charismatic and we’re proud to have her on board and look at opportunities that align to her brand and wider interests.”

It’s also estimated that she could charge up to $10,000 per reel for her social content due to her popularity. One source revealed: “She wants to make sure she isn’t just flogging off products for a quick buck like most MAFS stars have done in the past. She’s being smart about it and using her PR skills to map out a long-term plan that is genuine and authentic to her. Given her popularity and market appeal, she can charge around $7,000 per story, $8,000 for a post and up to $10,000 per reel.” Now that’s some major money!

Running her very successful food content business


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Lauren runs her own good review and content Instagram account which was already extremely successful before she started MAFS Australia 2024, and has only grown since. The account, So Cooked, currently has 29.3k followers and Lauren regularly posts reviews of restaurants and her own recipes as well, I wouldn’t recommend looking if you’re hungry – everything looks so good!

Styling up a storm in Australia’s Fashion Week


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Australia is currently having its very own Fashion Week and Lauren has been styled to the nines by various designers and makeup artists. She’s been wearing a different look for each night and it’s safe to say both she and Sara are absolutely shining.

Getting a gorgeous post-MAFS hair transformation


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A post-MAFS hair transformation is practically obligatory at this point, and whilst Lauren didn’t have as dramatic a change as Sara did her blonder has been made slightly darker as Australia starts to enter Autumn.

Went on a trip to Bali with her BFFs Gabby and Sara


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Lauren went on a relaxing holiday with her besties Sara and Gabby, and it looked like the trio had the ultimate girl’s vacation filled with lots of wine, sun and sand. What more could you want?

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