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Sean reveals texts from Austin that appear to prove they didn’t cook him dinner or cookies

He delivered the receipts

After all the insane drama surrounding season three of Selling The OC, I don’t think anyone really knows the full truth of what happened between Sean and Austin, but Sean just dropped some major receipts on his Instagram story that seem to prove the three of them actually went out for dinner?!

If you’re a bit behind on the drama from this season Austin claimed that two cast members told him that Sean accused him and his wife of cooking him dinner, drugging him with weed cookies and attempting to lure him into their bedroom for a threesome. Sean insisted this rumour was a lie and the entire office became divided over who was team Sean and who was team Austin.

In the receipts Sean posted he addresses all the rumours and claims against them, as well as posting some texts between him and Austin that do seem to indicate that someone isn’t telling the whole truth, and I have a feeling the next season of Selling The OC is going to be even more explosive.

‘The rumour’

Sean began: “Austin claimed that two cast members said I accused him and his wife of cooking me some dinner, drugging me with weed cookies, and attempting to lure me into their bedroom for a threesome. This is a lie. This is a baseless rumour, and I have never stated these words.

“Throughout season three, I did address the advances and flirtatious behaviour they have made towards me in the past, BUT I have never stated anything about a dinner at their house, weed edibles/ cookies or being lured into a bedroom. ”

‘Bar scene with Ali and Kayla’

Sean continues, next addressing the bar scene in the show, writing: “Austin’s name kept coming up in the bar scene with Ali and Kayla. this is the scene where I said that Austin and his wife have been flirtatious. His name was brought up NUMEROUS times which I found odd. I actually stopped filming because it felt as though there was an ulterior motive to the conversation.

“AFTER this scene, I reached out to Austin, wanting to have a conversation with him about how his name kept coming up. He texted me saying he’d call me back, but never did. I even followed up with a phone call and got no answer.” Some serious tea is already being spilt.

‘The office scene’

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Sean continues: “I walked into the office expecting to discuss a new listing but was accosted by Austin about a ‘rumour.’ Despite reaching out to Austin off camera (because I was hearing his name again and again), he chose to blindside me with these baseless accusations and address it IN FRONT of cameras, seemingly with the intent to maliciously defame my character.

“After he accosted me, I confronted him about his inappropriate behaviour and advances towards me. When I defended myself against his lies and called him out, he responded by trying to gaslight me, make me a villain and then put his hands on me. If this is a serious conversation and you don’t want your family involved, why not pull me aside, OFF camera, while cameras are NOT rolling and address these rumours?… Oh, and apparently I’m the one seeking camera time?

“How bizarre of a situation to be attacked by a fellow cast member over a rumour he wants to bring to my attention, but HE NEVER STATES WHAT THE ACTUAL RUMOUR IS! I left the scene still unaware of the rumour, which highlights his desire to publicly shame me rather than have a discussion for clarity.”

‘Season finale’

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Sean then explains that the first time he heard what the actual rumour was regarding was during the season finale: “This is where Alex Hall detailed the rumour, which is the FIRST TIME I heard about a cooked dinner and weed edibles/ cookies during the filming of the season.”

‘The facts’

And now for the cold hard facts, strap in because it’s about to get spicy. Sean revealed: “Austin and his wife have never cooked me dinner or made me cookies. I never heard about this rumour detailing a cooked dinner and weed cookies prior to the racehorse tracks scene (season finale episode). What you don’t see is that I confronted the entire cast about who told Austin the rumour and no one admitted it. BUT we see Polly and Kayla mention it throughout the season.”

‘More receipts’

Sean posted receipts on his Insta story 🐸☕️
byu/novapurple inSellingtheOC

If you want to see the texts, go to slide six onwards on the Reddit slideshow. After the texts, Sean continued with some major exposing, writing: “Austin still claims he and his wife cooked dinner and made cookies for me, and also claimed this ‘evening in question’ took place on January 8, 2022. We actually had dinner at NOVA Sushi on January 8, 2022. After dinner, I stopped by their house to try out their Oculus headset, then I left shortly after. I texted them later that evening to say thanks (which is the text screenshot Austin shared).

“Austin and his wife Lisa persist in asserting that they cooked dinner for me and made cookies, even though we dined at a restaurant the evening of January 8, 2022. Not sure what their story will be next. I am not the type to defend myself on social media, but it’s disappointing that despite my attempts to handle this situation with civility, Austin and others continue to propagate falsehoods.”


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