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This small detail in Bridgerton foreshadows a major plot point between Francesca and John

It all makes sense!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become very invested in the relationship between John Stirling and Francesca in Bridgerton season three, but there’s actually a small detail that foreshadows their future together.

In a blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it moment, Francesca looks towards a painting of her parents with the camera focusing on the two of them for a moment. The portrait is heartbreaking as it shows Violet and Edmund together when he was still alive, as he sadly passed away from a bee sting and left her as a widow.

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This small detail foreshadows what will happen between Francesca and John Stirling in Bridgerton as, if the series follows the book, the two quickly fall in love and get married before John heartbreakingly passes away two years later from a brain aneurysm. This also leaves Francesca a heartbroken window, just like her mother.

Bridgerton Francesca John Stirling

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His sudden death devastates Francesca, especially as the two never got to have children together and she is left a widow. However, his death then paves the way for her new romance which is the theme of her book. Titles When He Was Wicked, the book takes place after the death of John Stirling with Francesca meeting his cousin Michael Stirling who was his heir.

After the two share a secret kiss Francesca runs away to Scotland as she feels she has betrayed her former husband. However, Michael obviously follows her there and convinces her that she should not feel ashamed of her feelings and that John would want her to be happy. Eventually, the two get married and have two children together named John and Janet. Sounds like that season’s plotline will be a real tearjerker.

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