This is which Cambridge college the cast of Bridgerton would go to

Reject the Ton, embrace Cambridgerton

Like a gift from the gods, Bridgerton Season 3 has just released on Netflix for us all to binge. Whilst we can only dream at the moment of replacing exam season with débutante season, here are the colleges that the cast of Bridgerton would go to if they were to abandon Mayfair for Sidge.

Anthony – St John’s

Whilst John’s might not be the most adored Cambridge college compared to the absolute frenzy of love for Antony Bridgerton, the aesthetic of John’s suits Antony perfectly. He would fit right in, riding around those massive grounds on horseback, ready to bump into Kate at any moment.

Kate – Queens’

Kate is the Queen of Bridgerton and so deserves to be at her namesake college.

Image Credit: @bridgertonnetflix via Instagram

Benedict – King’s

The most artsy, left-wing college is a fitting home for the creative Benedict. He is such a Sidge girlie.

Colin – Wolfson

Fresh off his gap yah, Colin is mature and different now. He found himself in those 17 different cities and doesn’t fit in with naïve youths anymore.

Penelope – Magdalene

A bit like Magdalene, Pen hasn’t always been a girl’s girl. From ruining Marina and nearly doing so to her best friend Eloise, her actions have been questionable: a bit like Magdalene not admitting women until 1988. But, both Magdalene and Penelope are in their redemption arc era and so make a fitting pair – everyone forgives and loves them now.

Image Credit: @bridgertonnetflix via Instagram

Daphne – Downing

With her grand title and estate, Daphne definitely belongs to an imposing and swish college like Downing. You can totally see her having a promenade around the grounds in her college puffer.

Simon – Girton

Simon has completely disappeared from the show, much like those Girton students you met at the club once who were never to be seen again. We can only hope for his and their return x

Image Credit: @bridgertonnetflix via Instagram

Eloise – Newnham

This is the clear home for Eloise – a strong, bold feminist who has no time for the patriarchy’s antics. A true girlboss.

Francesca – Christ’s

Her dedication to the pianoforte matches Christ’s students’ dedication to studying. All work, no play.

Lady Danbury – Medwards

A modern woman belongs to a modern college. Always there for her besties Queen Charlotte and Violet, she is a true girl’s girl and so fits right in at Medwards.