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An entirely alternate ending for George’s death was originally filmed for Young Sheldon

It was filmed to ‘make light of George’s death’

There wasn’t a way to get through the ending episode of Young Sheldon where we learned that George had sadly passed away off-camera from a heart attack without shedding some tears of sadness. But, it turns out there was originally a completely different way that George’s death was going to be addressed on the show, one that would probably bring tears of laughter instead.

Raegan Revord who plays Missy on the show shared some behind-the-scenes footage which was filmed with the intention to “make light of George’s death.” The clip shows George comically falling backwards behind his family, presumably still of a heart attack. It definitely gives off a very different vibe and I think the ending they went for felt a lot more impactful.

alternate finale intro
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It turns out that the actor who plays George on the show actually attended George’s funeral disguised as an old woman, and yes it is as iconic as it sounds.  Raegan Revord who plays George’s daughter and Sheldon’s sister on the show revealed the pictures on her Instagram story, showing that her TV dad dressed up as an elderly woman named Georgina.

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The actor can be spotted at the back of the crowd and if you rewatch the Young Sheldon episode you can spot him right at the back, although not looking exactly how we’re used to seeing the actor.

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