Bridgerton book series differences

Here are all the shocking key differences between Bridgerton season three and the book

In the book there’s a fourth Featherington sister?!

Part one of the third season of Bridgerton has now been released on Netflix, based on the book Romancing Mister Bridgerton but there are major differences between the series and novel. So far the Netflix series has kept mainly to the same plot as the book, however some pacing aspects and characters have been chopped and changed around. Since we have to wait for another month until part two comes out, we won’t know until then whether the series will follow the same ending as the novel.

Some of the changes are fairly minor such as rivalries that have been elaborated for dramatic effect, whereas others are quite major like one key character in the Bridgerton books being completely cut from the series. It’s brutal out here! So, from carriage scenes to timeline changes, here are all the shocking key differences between Bridgerton season three and the original book.

A missing Featherington sister

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The three Featherington sisters take centre stage this season as Penelope is the focus, but one fourth sister who is featured in the book is completely cut from the Bridgerton series. Felicity Featherington is the youngest of the sisters in the books and is around the same age as Hyacinth with their mother even trying to set her up with Colin!

Cressida Cowper’s relationship status

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In the Netflix series, both Penelope and Cressida are competing for the affection of new suitor Lord Debling, but this is far different from Cressida’s relationship status in the book. In the book Cressida is not single and is actually married to Lord Twombley, and what a name that is.

*That* carriage scene

Colin Penelope Bridgerton carriage

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Whilst most of Colin and Penelope’s spicy scenes throughout the Bridgerton series were directly taken from the book, there is a slight difference when it comes to the infamous carriage scene.

In the book they get intimate in the carriage after Colin finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown and it’s your classic post-argument tension reliever. However, in the series they get busy in the carriage after attending a ball together but whilst Colin is still none the wiser to Lady Whistledown’s true identity.

Eloise doesn’t know Penelope is Lady Whistledown in the book

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One of the key differences between the Bridgerton Netflix series and the book is the timing of when Eloise finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. On the show, she finds out at the end of season two, and it’s the catalyst for forming a rift between the pair. However, in the books, she doesn’t find out until the very end when Penelope decides to tell everyone about her alter ego.

Lady Danbury’s brother does not visit her

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The budding romantic relationship between Violet and Lady Danbury’s brother Marcus is a very wholesome subplot throughout season three, but in the book he doesn’t exist at all!

Lord Debling doesn’t exist at all in the book

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Much like Lady Danbury’s brother, Lord Debling has been completely made up for the Netflix series. Actor Sam Phillips, who plays Lord Debling explained: “There was a freedom to create him because he’s not in the books, so that was quite exciting for me.”

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