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It turns out George attended his own funeral in Young Sheldon disguised as an old woman?!

I’m actually in tears this is so rogue

In what is possibly the most iconic Young Sheldon news ever, it turns out the actor who played George, Lance Barber, actually appeared in the audience for his own funeral on the show.

Raegan Revord who plays George’s daughter and Sheldon’s sister on the show revealed the pictures on her Instagram story, showing that her TV dad dressed up as an elderly woman named Georgina.

Via Instagram

Lance can be spotted at the back of the crowd and if you rewatch the Young Sheldon episode you can spot him right at the back, although not looking exactly how we’re used to seeing the actor.

This isn’t the first time the actor has played a different role in the show, as he also played the role of Leonard’s bully in Big Bang Theory before being cast in Young Sheldon as George.

Via Channel 4

He appears in an episode called The Speckerman Recurrence where Leonard comes face to face once again with his high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman. Jimmy messages Leonard and asks whether they can meet for a drink, hesitantly Leonard agrees and Jimmy greets him as if the two are old friends. Jimmy then tells Leonard he’s come up with an idea for 3D glasses and wants Leonard to help him.

Maybe we’ll see him next disguised as someone else in the spin-off show!

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