Colin Penelope Bridgerton carriage

Luke Newton improvised the Bridgerton carriage scene where Colin adjusted Penelope’s dress

I’m freaking out right now

There’s no doubt that the carriage scene with Penelope and Colin in Bridgerton part one was certainly one that got everyone pretty hot under the collar but it turns out that Luke Newton actually came up with the idea for one intimate moment himself.

After Colin declares his true feelings for Penelope the two enter a carriage together and in true Bridgerton style proceed to get very steamy in the vehicle together. Before leaving the carriage Colin uses just a few fingers to sensually slide Penelope’s dress back up onto her shoulders, and it turns out the moment was completely improvised by Luke Newton.

Andrew Ahn, who directed that episode of Bridgerton confirmed that the moment was Luke’s idea after a fan asked whose idea it was during the scene. He revealed: “I wish I could take credit for this incredible moment of … physical authenticity, but I did not give this piece of direction. It was all Luke Newton!”

And it seems that Nicola also got very into certain intimate moments with Luke, as in an interview with her Bridgerton co-star she described a time whilst filming when the director called cut and they didn’t hear them so they carried on. She admitted: “We didn’t know though they actually called cut and we couldn’t hear them. So they were looking at us like what are they doing and the director had to come over and be like ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I told you to stop!’” Very iconic.

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