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Luke Newton reveals Colin & Penelope’s happiness will be ‘short-lived’ in Bridgerton part two

I spy trouble ahead

If you binged through part one of Bridgerton this weekend you’ll already be chomping at the bit to find out what happens next in the relationship between Colin and Penelope, and actor Luke Newton has spilled the beans.

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Speaking to Deadline, Luke addressed the challenges that will face Colin and Penelope in the upcoming part two of Bridgerton. He explained: “He’s aware the friendship’s sort of been ruined between Eloise and Penelope. Something is wrong, but he just can’t quite put his finger on it.

“We continue to explore that and dive into that in part two. It becomes the main focus of the story, and I think that’s something that fans will really like. The gossip of that is one of the most fascinating things about the show and what keeps the pace of it and the drive of the story running. It’s a really exciting chapter to step into. I always think of it as like a ringing in your ear. It’s constantly there, no matter how content they feel. We’ve still got drama to come.”

In a separate interview with E! Luke explains that the two still have a lot “to overcome” in the second instalment of the series. He elaborated: “It’s really easy to think, ‘Oh, they’ve confessed their love for each other and they’re going to live happily ever after. But actually, the way it’s written—it’ll take you every which way.”

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Claudia Jesse who plays Eloise Bridgerton told Vanity Fair that she doesn’t think Eloise will be happy with the announcement of Penelope and Colin’s engagement. She admitted: “I just can’t see that she’s going to react well. I’m nervous about everybody watching. If the Whistledown thing hadn’t happened, I know there’s a world in which Eloise would be like, I’m so happy Penelope’s gonna be my sister.

“Just as happy as she was that Kate Sharma was gonna be her sister. But because of the Whistledown thing, I feel like she’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, and this? So you’re Lady Whistledown and you want to sleep with my brother?'” Part two of Bridgerton will be released on June 13th and honestly, it can’t come soon enough, I need to know what happens with Colin and Penelope immediately!

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