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Omg, MAFS Australia bride Tahnee and UK groom Thomas might be dating each other now?!

I’m seriously rooting for them

Hold the press, because two of our favourite MAFS Australia and UK cast members might have started dating in the form of Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaras!

The two were spotted getting drinks at a bar together with them both sharing a video of their fun night out. They both got matching cocktails with the caption: “So how did your TV marriage go?” whilst adding a love heart next to each other’s names, it all seems rather romantic… Suspiciously the caption has since been edited out to remove the hearts.


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Tahnee is currently visiting London after posting on TikTok about wanting to find her “London boy” and could she have found it in Thomas? She was previously supposed to be leaving London this week but explained that she had decided to extend her trip. She said: “I decided to cancel my flight and stay in London for a bit longer. Don’t know how long I’m going to be staying for yet but I’m having such a great time.”

Last December Tahnee and Ollie Skelton from season 10 of MAFS Australia announced their breakup, with the two originally being matched on the experiment.


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In separate statements on Instagram the couple announced the news, with Tahnee telling her followers, “Sadly, Ollie and I have decided to part ways. Our lives are taking us in different directions and we feel at this stage it’s the best decision for us. From meeting as strangers who got ‘married’, to genuinely finding love, I’m pretty proud of the time we’ve shared. Our journey together has been such a roller coaster but sometimes relationships just don’t work out – no matter how much you want them to – and that’s okay.”

Ollie said separately he hoped the pair could continue being friends, “I kinda have this pipe dream of us being like Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld post-breakup, a very hard thing to do obviously, but the sentiment at its core is that I plan to try to be someone who champions Tahnee and can be there for her as a friend.”


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Like Tahnee and Ollie, Thomas and his MAFS UK wife Rozz were firm fan favourites but sadly both decided to quit the experiment after Rozz started feeling overwhelmed, explaining that the “bubble had burst” on their relationship.

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