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Um, did the Young Sheldon finale hint that Leonard died soon after Big Bang Theory ended?

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The finale of Young Sheldon was heartbreaking in so many ways, from having to see the family try to cope with the loss of George to getting to see Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory again. But there’s a slightly concerning theory that the final episode of Young Sheldon hints that Leonard from Big Bang Theory has died, leaving Penny a widow.

The last episode, titled Memoir, referenced a few of the main characters from Big Bang Theory, but what are all the clues that have led fans to believe Leonard and Penny have either divorced or he has died?

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Despite Sheldon and Leonard’s close friendship throughout the whole of Big Bang Theory, there is no reference to him in the Young Sheldon finale, whilst Penny is directly talked about in regards to letting her babysit their daughter. Amy explains that their daughter wants to become an actress before Sheldon responds: “I told you we never should have let Penny babysit.” It seems odd that Penny is mentioned but Leonard is not, especially since the two got married on the show.

Sheldon and Amy also decided to name their son Leonard, perhaps in a tribute to Sheldon’s former roommate and best friend. Fans are convinced this naming means Leonard has passed away, although it’s all just speculation at this point. Perhaps we’ll get more answers in the Young Sheldon spin-off show!

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