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The real reason Paige wasn’t in the Young Sheldon finale has finally been revealed

She completely disappeared!

Paige is one of the few characters in the Young Sheldon series who could rival Sheldon himself in terms of academic ability, and at certain times even bested him. Not only was Paige also a child prodigy like Sheldon, but she was also very sociable and helped to push Sheldon to make more friends. Whilst she seemed on a consistent path when her parents split up on Young Sheldon, Paige blamed herself and quickly started acting out of character. This set her up for an interesting and dynamic storyline but then she just completely disappeared off the show?

The last time viewers saw Paige was during season six when Missy ran away but no cameo or mention of her was included in the finale of the series, and now we finally know why. Executive producer Steve Holland has finally revealed why she was absent for the finale of Young Sheldon and why her storyline might not ever be able to be properly tied up.

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In an interview with TV Line, Steve explained that he didn’t think her storyline needed any more explanation, but that she was also too busy to return to film for them.

He revealed: “People ask about Paige all the time, and she was only in nine episodes of Young Sheldon. Big Bang was done, and there was no way to go, ‘Can we go back and retrofit her into Big Bang Theory?’ People online respond to Paige and I think that’s because Mckenna is incredible. The downside of Mckenna being incredible is that Mckenna is a movie star and that makes Mckenna very difficult to get.

“When we got into this season, especially with it being a shortened season, we never thought that Paige’s storyline was an arc that needed more closing than it got. There was a parallel; she was a bit of a mirror image of Sheldon — a different way that Sheldon could have turned out — and I think we saw that play out.”

Via Channel 4

He continued, adding: “I know there are some dark theories about what happened to Paige and why Sheldon doesn’t mention her [on Big Bang]. I don’t think she’s not mentioned because she went down a dark path and is dead in Big Bang Theory. For us, it was just an interesting way to explore another kid who had a similar thing to Sheldon and the different roads that they could take.

“By Season six she is not a huge part of Sheldon’s life; she’s more of Missy’s friend in the show than she is Sheldon’s friend. That said, it would have been great to have Mckenna back because she’s incredible, always.”

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