Young Sheldon series finale

These shocking axed Young Sheldon scenes would have completely changed the series finale

They were removed for one key reason

The funeral scene in the finale of Young Sheldon was one of the most emotional moments in the whole series and allowed viewers to see how each of the family members coped with the death of George. Both Missy and Georgie go up to the open casket to say goodbye to their dad, whilst Sheldon declines to say goodbye to his dad one last time and in a voiceover explains that he dealt with his grief by ignoring it.

The chosen moments strike the balance of emotion and character reflection perfectly, but co-showrunner Steve Holland has revealed that there were two scenes that they ultimately decided to cut from the Young Sheldon finale despite it being a “hard” decision. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explained that Georgie and Missy’s baby was originally supposed to be crying at the start of the funeral alongside another scene where Sheldon’s teachers are trying to comfort him.


The crying baby would have been heard when the funeral first started and was supposed to provide some comedic relief, but ultimately it ended up being cut. Sheldon’s teachers also tried to comfort him by using scholarly discussion in the original edit but again, Steve felt like Sheldon deserved to be allowed to grieve in the way he wanted to.

Steve Holland revealed: “There were more attempts at humour and more jokes in the script that we actually shot that we ended up pulling out as we got into editing because it just felt a little tone-deaf. When we were watching it back, we realized we had earned the right for this family to have their moment of grief, and that was actually honouring George Sr. and honouring the real emotions of this family. We didn’t have to go for the release valve of a joke all the time.”


He continued: “There’s still light and there’s still some laughs and moments of levity, but overall, finding that tone was a process that took us all the way into editing. We had to give ourselves permission to not go for the joke all the time and to actually take a moment.

“This family is grieving, and the audience who has fallen in love with this family and with George Sr. will also be grieving, so it’s okay for people to grieve. It’s okay to have those emotions, and we didn’t feel the need to always have the little offramp of a joke.”

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