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Almost one year on, which couples from the MAFS UK 2023 cast are still together?

There are not a lot left!

It’s been one year since MAFS UK 2023 started filming last year, and since then there’s been a lot of salty cast breakups from Jordan and Erica to Peggy and George. But, that doesn’t mean love is entirely dead as there are still some remaining couples who have managed to stand the test of time and all look very happy together.

So, ahead of the 2024 series of MAFS UK releasing let’s find out which couples are still together and what they’ve been up to. Prepare to take a trip down memory lane, I can feel myself getting emotional already!

Tasha and Paul

Tasha and Paul were one of the strongest couples throughout MAFS UK and it’s no surprise that the two are still together. The two are the only original couple left from the series and in an interview with OK! Tasha explained that they’re “stronger than ever. We’re the only couple left. Reigning champions I’d say.

“I feel like we were just so real with each other and we were genuine about it. There were no lies, there was no manipulation. It was just us wanting to find love and that’s exactly what we got.” The two have also opened up about imminently moving in together, something they’re both very excited about.

The pair recently got back from a sunny trip to Portugal together which looked absolutely idyllic, and they’re both constantly supporting each other at their different events.

Shona and Matt

Whilst Shona and Matt were not originally paired together, with Matt being firstly matched with Adrienne and Shona with Brad. The two met at the first reunion and the sparks flew instantly. Since then they’ve declared their love for each other and are also looking at moving in together soon.

The pair spend a lot of time at the gym together and their relationship only seems to be going from strength to strength. I’m so happy they both found love at the end of the experiment!

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