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Luke Newton has revealed reason he’d never date Bridgerton co-star Nicola Coughlan

Although the two admitted to lounging naked on set together

After watching their intense chemistry as Colin and Penelope this season of Bridgerton there have been lots of rumours about whether Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan would ever get together in real life. And whilst their on-screen romantic relationship developed from the two being friends, Luke has revealed why he would never date his Bridgerton co-star.

Luke Newton is firmly against the idea of friends to lovers and doesn’t think it’s something that actually happens in real life, whereas Nicola Coughlan loves the idea of a relationship starting off in that way. But no matter what Nicola’s friendship with Luke is like, both of them have confirmed they are just friends and nothing more.


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In an interview with Extra, Nicola addressed the rumours that she and Luke might be dating. She explained: “We think it’s really sweet, I think because we truly love each other, you know what I mean? He is a really special person in my life, and I got to do this experience with him. I’ll never get to do something like this again, on this scale. Like are you kidding me? We’re here in New York City, having our premiere. So it’s so nice having such a lovely friend that I can do all this with.”

Luke however was more dismissive of something ever happening between him and Nicola, admitting: “I actually don’t think friends-to-lovers is something that happens in my life. If I meet someone, I know immediately. There’s a difference between me and Colin.”

But Nicola is all for the idea and thinks it removes a lot of the awkwardness from a relationship, revealing: “You’ve skipped all of the posturing and all of the initial things you do when you meet someone—you try and pretend to have only nice underwear, or that you don’t sit on the couch and eat your dinner off your lap. Because they’ve been friends first, they go, ‘I know you.’ Deep, true, abiding love comes from when you love the bones of someone. You love them deeply in their entirety. That’s a thing that you get with friends-to-lovers, because you love them first as a friend.”


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And whilst they’re not dating it seems both Nicola and Luke were so comfortable with each other on the Bridgerton set that they’d relax naked together in between filming sex scenes. She told Teen Vogue: “Yeah, so it’s really funny. That is true. It is a testament to the fact that we just got to a point where we were so comfortable together. We’d just finished the big sex scene, the most intense and involved one…and we just felt relieved.”

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