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The heartbreaking reason Queen Charlotte still wears Georgian style dresses in Bridgerton

It all comes back to farmer George

If you’ve been obsessively analysing every small detail of the dresses used in Bridgerton season three, you might have spotted that the ones Queen Charlotte wears are quite a drastically different style to everyone else’s. Whilst Penelope, Francesca and Violet’s dresses are all of the slimmer Regency style, Queen Charlotte still wears the larger, more elaborate and poofy Georgian style ones.

And it turns out the real reason behind this fashion choice is genuinely heartbreaking. And no, it’s not because Queen Charlotte is behind on the fashion trends but actually because of an emotional reason. And yes, it obviously all links back to her husband George and his current state regarding his memory.

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Throughout the Bridgerton prequel series, Queen Charlotte, we see a young Charlotte and George trying to cope with his worsening mental state which is characterised by his ramblings and overall agitated state. Charlotte tries to do all she can to help keep him calm but eventually, she hardly sees him and even when she does he often no longer remembers who she is.

In order to keep him feeling less confused one theory about why Queen Charlotte still wears the outdated Georgian dresses in Bridgerton is so that she doesn’t confuse George any more than he currently feels. By her wearing the same style dress it can make George feel secure in his surroundings so he doesn’t get agitated and my heart is breaking.

Another fan theorised that Charlotte is also “stuck in time” as Brimsley put it and she struggles to move on from the period when her and George had a close relationship. Excuse me whilst I go and ball my eyes out.

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