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The insanely savage insults the MAFS Australia cast have said about their on-screen exes

They’re feeling salty

Despite MAFS Australia 2024 being over and most of the cast happily in new relationships, that doesn’t stop them from saying some mega-salty things about their on-screen exes. From shady Instagram posts to just outright savagely slamming them and their behaviour in interviews, there’s a whole host of creative insults they’ve managed to come up with.

Some of the couples such as Ash and Madeleine or Jono and Lauren broke up on the show and have been at each other’s throats ever since, whereas others broke up after the reunion and have been exposing their partners on podcasts. Slightly more terrifyingly, some of them have been staying completely silent and only teasing that soon the truth will come out, we’re looking at you, Sara. So, whilst we wait for more bombshells to drop here are all the insanely savage insults the MAFS Australia 2024 cast have said about their on-screen exes so far.

Lauren and Jono

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Lauren has taken the high ground since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 and refrained from saying anything insulting about her on-screen ex post-show. However, whilst on the show, multiple cast members have claimed she called Jono “a dog” on multiple occasions, most of which were ultimately cut from the final version of the show.

Jono however hasn’t held back one jot, going as far as to call Lauren a “dragon” during one of his interviews. And in another interview with New Idea Jono slyly shaded Lauren by advising future contestants not to let their “partner walk all over you like I did.” Ouch!

Richard and Andrea

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Compared to some of the other MAFS Australia 2024 exes these two cast members have kept it fairly amicable, but it’s not all sunshine and roses between the pair. Andrea recently revealed that she’s lost over 13kg since her MAFS wedding, due to the anxiety of being on the show and being matched with Richard. Yikes, that’s not what you want.

As for Richard, he’s accused Andrea of being a rat and leaking their private text messages to the press. He previously revealed that he and Andrea met up after they left the experiment and Richard asked her if there would ever be a chance of them getting back together. This information and pictures of the apology texts he sent to her after the show later became public after they were obtained and shared by So Dramatic!

Richard then accused Andrea of leaking information about their meetup, and insinuated that she could be the one who revealed their private text messages to So Dramatic! Appearing on Yahoo’s Behind The Edit podcast, Richard explained the lack of trust he now has in Andrea, saying: “For example, I sent texts to Andie and I hear them being read out on podcasts – like, no, I’m not going to talk to you if you’re going to tell other people what I’ve said.”

Richard revealed that when he met with Andrea for coffee, he asked whether they could “get together again”, adding “that was leaked.” He then accused Andrea of being behind this “leak,” claiming: “Come on, Andie, this is private stuff!”

Ash and Madeleine

MAFS Australia 2024 exes cast

Via Channel 4

Ash and Madeleine’s relationship was one for the history books and has to go down as one of the oddest pairings ever on MAFS. Madeleine has gone off the grid since the show ended and hardly ever posts on her socials, remaining tight-lipped about any reservations she might have had against Ash.

Ash however has been more than happy to air his grievances, calling Madeleine “strange” and describing her time e with her on the show as “traumatic.” He also gave his two cents about whether he thought she was really psychic and the answer is savage, to say the least.

Speaking on the Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B and Emma G, Ash admitted: “There’s more likelihood I’m the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury than she’s a psychic. They’re not making her look like anything other than what she was. To be honest, they’ve done her favours. She’s been lucky to escape.” Yikes.

Jayden and Eden

MAFS Australia 2024 exes cast

Via Channel 4

Jayden and Eden broke up earlier this month, with Eden revealing the breakup “blindsided her” and according to her Jayden then just completely ghosted her. Speaking to The Daily Mail Eden explained: “‘Everything was good. I do think in any relationship, there are ups and downs, but it came completely out of the blue for me. It was definitely a blind side. He won’t reply to me. He hasn’t replied.”

And what MAFS Australia 2024 exes would be able to resist not saying some choice words about the other in such a messy breakup? Whilst Jayden seems to have gone down the road of seemingly pretending the breakup was completely amicable, Eden has been publicly calling him out.

When announcing their breakup he wrote on Instagram: “Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you had hoped for,” he wrote to the captions. “As sad as it is, I’m so glad I got to go through this with such an amazing woman and a beautiful son.” On May 16 one fan replied to his caption: “So sad” to which Jayden responded: “Very.” But in a now-deleted comment, Eden savagely clapped back: “Why are you lying? Lol, you weren’t/aren’t sad.” Major mic drop moment.

Tim and Sara

MAFS Australia 2024 exes cast

Via Channel 4

Tim and Sara had one of the most tumultuous relationships on MAFS Australia but finally called it quits on their relationship soon after filming the reunion. Tim has since done a podcast with former MAFS brides Ella and Dom on their Sit With Us Podcast, and he didn’t hold back.

Spilling about their fights on the show he said Sara had “scary eyes” and a “very good face of fury” and she was “very serious” in their relationship. He called the first two months “horrible” and said a lot more happened behind the scenes. Tim added: “The first two months were horrible, and you saw stuff on camera, like imagine what happened off camera!” He added that Sara was “just after someone who is unavailable” and that overall he has “been a bit scarred by the whole experience.” Somewhere get those claws away!

As for what Sara thinks about all of this, hold tight because she announced that she’d be sharing her side of the story very soon and something tells me it’s about to get heated.

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